A glimpse of the future

A glimpse of the future

Tiny range and inconvenient recharging times - the Achilles’ Heels of current battery-electric technology, seriously limiting usefulness for the majority of drivers. But what if you could buy a zero emissions car with a range of 370 miles that can be re-fueled in just 4 minutes?


Enter the Audi h-tron concept, which promises zero emissions with fossil fuel practicality. The futuristic SUV uses a highly efficient hydrogen fuel cell with an output of up to 110kW, and a further on-demand power boost of 100kW from a lightweight lithium-ion battery, which together result in all-wheel-drive grip, a 124- mph top speed and a 0-62mph time of less than seven seconds.


To further increase the h-tron’s green credentials, Audi has lined its roof with solar panels to deliver 320 watts, enough for a claimed extra 620 miles of range per year (for free!).

Not only is it clean, it’s also autonomous. Featuring a newly developed camera, radar, laser scanner and ultrasonic sensor, the zFAS computer system will be able to read the road like never before - a very exciting glimpse into the future!


With the arrival of the fully-electric e-tron, it’s safe to say the h-tron concept won’t be far behind - the dual-fuel car is surely destined to become reality in the near future. Find out more about the whole Audi range by visiting the Spire Audi website.

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